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Pat Byrne is a longstanding labor activist. He was on the executive board of large unions in Great Britain and had a passion for exploring the history of the leftist movements in his country and across the world. Pat Byrne is the editor of Socialistnetwork.org. The things we debate today are very complicated, and it is tricky to provide definitive answers to them. We are going to discuss the possibility of having class solidarity in a highly patriarchal society.
Julie Bindel, a longstanding feminist, along with many other feminists who consider themselves leftist feminists, believe that it is absurd to say to women that sexism will be solved if and only if we fight capitalism. Others would argue that this is “class reductionism.” And some may claim that the problem women face is more complicated. For example, Harriet Fraad argues that women have to fight capitalism in the public space and the feudalism that has survived in the domestic area. Pat Byrne is a longstanding leftist activist. I chose him to debate this because, while I am very interested in what feminists think, having only feminists debate may prove sectarian. For the sake of the discussion, I believe it is imperative to have leftist men express their points of view about it.

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