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The Barricade is a new outlet set up by a group of left oriented activists from around Eastern Europe – Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia. The main goal of this platform is to provide competent analysis and comments on the situation in the former Eastern Bloc as well as to offer interesting, non-standard views regarding the most important global processes and events.
This website is not a mouthpiece of any party or other political organization and the views presented here range from social-democratic to Marxist or anarchist. The official publisher of The Barricade is the Sofia-based Publishing House BARICADA, which has successfully launched and developed two similar projects in Bulgarian and Romanian. A website in English is a continuation of the efforts to present leftist viewpoints as well as to familiarize the international community with real descriptions and careful, hype-free analysis of the difficult circumstances in the region of Eastern Europe.
Most leftist platforms operate with very limited budgets and ours is no exception to this rule. Therefore most of the articles you will find here are translations. If you would like to help out with translating or if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Also, we do hope that in the near future The Barricade will become a focal point for the most serious groups, parties and individuals on the European left and will be able to not only offer material to read but also organize discussions and other events across the continent.
The editorial board