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Polish women will be forced to give birth to foetuses with congenital defects. Maria Cernat discusses the situation in Poland with Karolina Więckiewicz, a feminist and activist who is a member of the Aborcyiny Dream Team (Abortion Dream Team). Poland’s current ruling is  one of the most horrific episodes in a long battle against women that the anti-choice movement has been fighting for many years. Since 1993, abortions have been almost completely banned in Poland, but fortunately, there are organizations which are fighting for free and safe abortions for many women and girls in this country. Karolina is part of such an organization. The anti-choice groups have targeted Karolina, and she has even found her face painted on a van next to a picture of a foetus with slogans accusing her of being a murderer. These are tactics and techniques that are used by US-based militant anti-choice groups that are very well financed. They are waging war against women and girls. Despite such powerful opposition, Karolina is optimistic about the support networks that give women and girls access to reproductive rights, and she is convinced that positive women will prevail in this battle against irrationality, misogyny, and authoritarianism. 
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Photo: The banner reads “F*** off” in Polish, spontaneous demonstration in the center of Warsaw (source: Facebook)
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