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In 1116 Coloman the Learned, Hungary’s king at the time, declared there were no such things as witches, and this saved us from burning each other at the stake. A pillar of “western civilization” development which entertained for centuries. We had to wait for the XXI century and our new almost-king – Victor Orbán – to come, to have this policy revised. Are we not now western to the full?

Propaganda in Hungary is solely centred on the migrant crisis which came at the most perfect time possible – right before the elections. With an easily identifiable enemy you can pretend that you have protected the country from a threat that could simply wipe out the state as we know it. People with darker skin tones, at times speaking different languages and, God forbid, sometimes even of other religions than Roman Catholic, might come here and maybe even build houses for their gods. Scary, right?
We even managed to give a little presentation of what the migrants looked like, when we stopped them at one of our railway stations, not allowing them to travel further. Unsurprisingly, the government oh-so-generously provided about 2 bathrooms for about 2000 people, so now even the dumbest primary school student knows from the news that migrants are filthy people who crap in the bushes.
After a short period of about 2 weeks, when the government finally let the people go on their way, thus ending this human exhibition, everybody suddenly realized that there were no more migrants on the streets. This obviously means that we have stopped the migrants with our brand new border wall (the only enemy of this mighty giant would be a ladder that you can get anywhere for around 10 euro), and not the fact that every single human being with even a hint of reason would much rather start a new life in a western economy than in Central Europe. Here is the problem with this situation: it appears as if the government has won. It made about as much sense as protecting the country from volcanoes, but an ongoing battle between good and evil is far superior to a simple victory.
Enter George Soros, the international capitalist with Hungarian ancestry, who is no doubt hated by most people on the left. By far the worst thing about this international criminal is that he paid for the education of half of the members of Fidesz and yes, even for that of Orbán himself. Now the government can put a face on the ongoing hate campaign, while subtly playing the “blame the Jews” game. You see, it is not easy to hate something as elusive as “immigrants”. There are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, atheists, black, brown, yellow, men and women in many forms and combinations and it gets complicated, but with a shadowy Wall Street puppet master, you only need to hate one easily definable individual. Apparently, his evil scheme is called the Soros Plan and it includes the integration of migrants in Hungary for the sole purpose of ruining it. Needless to say, these announcements are paid for with taxpayers’ money. And much as I tried to investigate the subject, this is all there is to it: everybody hates George Soros and the fact that he wants to destroy us, but nobody really knows the motives or the real pragmatics behind his plan. But at least we established a common hate that we can build on; we can chase after our own Emmanuel Goldstein.
This brings us to the Stop Soros Act. I’m not kidding – this is the actual name of the three laws that it consists of. The Act is the 7th modification of the so-called “Basic Law” that stands in for the Constitution that we used to have, but not any more, since the Fidesz government drew up a new contract between the state and its citizens. The Stop Soros laws will make it more difficult to protest and to aid migrants or the homeless. Since helping the needy has never been a real epidemic in Hungary, who do these laws benefit? The civil sector. That’s right. If you pay close attention to the political journey of the Fidesz party, you’ll see that the only rule of thumb is this: Maintain power and acquire more. Using the current power structure, they can manipulate every single aspect of its three branches (and also the fourth and biggest one – the media) and easily have enough power to keep their position for years and years and years to come. What gave the party this enormous amount of power is its systematic Machiavellianism, that requires the stomping out of any seed of a rebellion that might grow into something larger.
In practice, this law covers legal acts and legal organizations whose members, if deemed to be “aiding migrants”, can face criminal charges. Sounds a bit vague, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Why? So that every organization that is critical of the government can be attacked and closed down with these charges. And yes, in practice this means that if a migrant asks you where the next train stop is and you answer him, you can be charged with criminal activity. Fun fact: the actual organizations that advocate illegal immigration don’t usually notify the government of their existence, but rather try to smuggle people over the border for a hefty fee, so in practice, the law will not do anything against illegal human trafficking.
Another interesting part of the Stop Soros Act is the outlawing of homelessness. This means that if you aid the homeless you can also face charges, because basically you are stopping them from integrating into society. It is very easy to figure out especially from the focus on homelessness, that the government only wants to tighten its fingers around the necks of a small number of dedicated, independent people who try to make Hungary a little bit more liveable in, for the sole reason that they are not under total government control; every time these people give out food to others, the voters can see the line that stretches out for kilometres. But no more of this embarrassment!
And how do the people feel about this? Let’s make three categories. The first is the unbelievers. They don’t buy the story that the government is doing this only because of the voters, but only the most radical ones are willing to protest. Unfortunately the critiques of the government are very badly organized, thanks to the strategy of the systematic machine that eats concepts – the state. The second category is the nihilists. These people have no idea what is going on and you can’t really blame them. If you are a single mum working in two jobs just to put some food on the table, you will hear something about the homeless and the migrants but you would barely even care. The third category – my personal favourite – is the fanatics. These people believe that if we changed 1 Ft to 1 000 000 Ft everybody would be rich. Of course, only if it is announced in the government media.

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