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Recent events in the US social and political arena seem to be taken right out of Margaret Atwood’s famous novel, A Handmaid’s Tale! A document leaked form the US Supreme Court revealed that its judges are preparing to overturn a very important judgment, one familiar to the public under the name Roe vs. Wade. This law grants US women the right to privacy, and it prevents state legislatures from banning abortion. The death of the memorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it possible for the Trump administration to appoint a very conservative judge to replace her at the Supreme Court. Her replacement, Justice Amy Cohen, has a very clear anti-abortion agenda. The document revealed that the Supreme Court judges are planning to do what most of Americans, the 70% who are in favor of access to abortion, feared for a long time: overturn Roe vs. Wade after 49 years! For the dystopia to be complete, the largest producer of baby formula, the Abbott company, which owns 43% of the market, was investigated by the FDA for severe flaws in its production process. A whistleblower warned the FDA about the problems in November 2021. Now the factory is closed, leading to major shortages in the baby formula market.
We invited the Romanian-born American socialist activist, Patricia Gorky, to talk to us about these problems.

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