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This is the second segment of this week’s episode of “On the Barricades,” in which Boyan Stanislavski, one of the show’s hosts, talks with Irina Slav, a Bulgarian energy market expert and author at OilPrice.com. The guests discuss how there is always a way around sanctions and how it is uncertain whether there will be enough gas to meet the world’s needs if Russia is removed from the equation. Irina also explains how the EU becoming independent of Russia in terms of gas and oil is wishful thinking as long as there is no infrastructure to receive other gas. This necessitates investments in the billions of euros, which simply cannot be made available immediately, and even if they could, the construction of such infrastructure would take years. For the time being, the European ‘leaders” posturing will simply make things more difficult for industries and households across Europe, but the gas will be primarily Russian. Only many times more expensive, and it remains to be seen whether we will pay ‘only’ four times more or twenty times more per cubic meter.
In addition to being an author at OilPrice.com, Irina Slav is also the proprietor of an independent blog, which can be found on Substack: https://irinaslav.substack.com/
Go to this link to watch the first half of the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMs2MtkTBmM&t=389s

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