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“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth” Julian Assange

Nothing short of George Orwell description of his dystopian society of 1984.

On the day of ‘Press Freedom’, Julian Assange, the journalist that spoke against the murders conducted by US, is in prison for 1,118 days already, with another 7 years previously in asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, guarded by UK police outside, a prison within a prison. That is the freedom of press in Europe today.

In 2012 when his imposed captivity begun, UK was still part of European Union. And all this time till today, EU did nothing to protect this journalist. If it could be reduced to Britain, or some other country of Europe, we can think as an exception of it, but it was the general collusion of the entire European Union. The day the European Union failed Assange, the freedom of press in Europe ended. How can one claim freedom, when freedom means intimidation, persecution, torture, imprisonment?

When Solzhenitsyn was arrested in 1974 after publishing The Gulag Archipelago, Russia exiled him in West Germany where he lived in freedom. UK condemned Julian Assange to be extradited in the US, where is facing 175 years in prison. Yet, in the dystopian Europe of today, we are distracted with how media is censored in Russia, while all along journalists are persecuted and imprisoned in Europe.
Assange was never a US citizen, nor did he operated on the territory of US. Yet the US government was able to prosecute and arrest Assange, a free journalist, on the territory and jurisdiction of EU. Imagine Russia arresting and extraditing journalists from Europe to face trial and years of prison in Russia! Yet it is not Russia, but US doing it, as we speak, and for 10 years so far, since the persecution of Assange started, and all the UE governments, its institutions, justice and its many bureaucrats are all blissfully contented with it and complicit to this crime and death of our free press. They found the resorts and will to action immediately when was the case of Aleksey Navalnyy (2020) or the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal (2018), but failed over and over when was to uphold the freedom of press for their own journalists.

As founder of DiEM25 Romania and colleague of Assange within DiEM25, I fought consistently for him, and strangely enough, I found more support for Assange outside Europe, among countries like Venezuela or Cuba, rather than our European governments and activists. I had to witness actions I agreed with Assange’s lawyers, being blocked by ‘left’ activists because support from Venezuela for Assange was not on their like. So he was abandoned by all, friends and allies alike, cowered behind words and political correctness. The lamb Europe had to sacrifice to live along with the lie of its freedom and democracy.

Julian Assange used to say – “If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.” If we imprison our journalist, censor our press and public speech, under the pretext of propaganda, official truth and state interest, maybe the wars we face today are indeed, as Assange said, the product of lies. Maybe the start for reversing the war in Ukraine and the many others, can begin by freeing our journalist and our press, to challenge our governments, and their banksters and military complex, and bring them to answer in front of their citizens.

We didn’t failed Assange only, but along with him, we failed our democracy and our freedom, the very heart of our European civilization. And as Assange dies tortured in prison, so will die all that was left of Europe and our dream of democracy.

Free Assange for to free ourselves!

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