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Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Joe Biden, have discussed Ukraine-related tensions, security concerns, and the need for nuclear arms control, with the White House proposing a formal meeting in “a third country.” The exchange comes amid widespread concern that fighting in the Donbass region between Kiev forces and fighters from Moscow-backed self-proclaimed republics could escalate into a full-fledged conflict. The new standoff is the result of Kiev’s large-scale mobilization of troops and equipment, which prompted Russia to beef up its own military presence near its western border. Of course, the corporate western media portrays this as “Russian aggression.”
A few days before the virtual meeting between Putin and Biden, Boyan Stanislavski spoke with Mark Sleboda, an international security analyst, university lecturer, and frequent commentator on various alternative media outlets, about the recent buildup between Ukraine and Russia.
Mark Sleboda provides a detailed analysis not only of the most recent escalations on the border between Ukraine and the two self-proclaimed republics in the country’s east, but also of the international context and the internal problems that underpin the ongoing crisis. He went into great detail about the historical context and all of the critical events that led to the current situation.
What role does the Nord Stream 2 pipeline play in all of this? Why has Zelensky not kept any of his campaign promises since becoming Ukraine’s president? He campaigned on resolving the conflict with the two Donbass republics peacefully? Why has he given up on this idea? Why would he make such ridiculous demands as recognizing Ukraine as a NATO member right away? Will this be a farcical reenactment of Georgia’s 2008 attempt to attack Russia? What is at stake, and what is the goal? After everything that has happened since 2014, can Ukraine still exist as a unitary state?
In this extremely informative interview with Mark Sleboda, you will find answers to these and many other questions.

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