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The concept of “vaccine nationalism” is not widely understood. However, it has gained popularity among journalists and researchers who have been following the progress of Covid-19 vaccines. The United States and Israel, the two countries that have just paid the price that the large manufacturers demanded, are vaccinating their populations at breakneck speed. The EU, which attempted to bargain, was badly beaten by pharmaceutical corporations, and it now faces serious supply problems in order to meet the agreed-upon amounts. Money talks once more, and the clients who pay the most are the corporation’s “natural” priority.
And, while this may be good for corporate profits, it is a truly disastrous strategy for the global population’s health. The saying goes, “Nobody is safe until we are all safe.” Massive vaccination in only one region or in the wealthier countries will result in new mutations and even higher spending on new medications.
Speaking of funding, it took a significant public investment to develop the vaccines, but corporations now require governments to purchase the final product. Profits come first, once again? Then there’s the question of patents. Can they be swayed, at least for a while?
This and other questions were addressed in this episode of “On the Barricades,” in which the special guest was Norwegian investigative journalist and researcher Ingeborg Eliassen, a prominent member of the Investigate Europe collective.
Read an interesting article by Ingeborg Eliassen on the matters discussed in the interview: https://bit.ly/3tJOBY0 Also, visit the website of Investigate Europe: https://www.investigate-europe.eu/en/

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