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In their 25 October 2020 podcast “On the Barricades” Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski discussed the Polish top court ruling to ban abortions due to fetal defects and how the public has reacted. Boyan Stanislavsky was present at the protests that took place Sunday in Warsaw. He explained the strategy in Poland that was used in the top court to advance extremist legislation that bans abortions even if the fetus is severely deformed. That would mean an incredible burden for the pregnant person to witness the fetus die. 
Boyan Stanislavsky stated that the protests were led by outraged and very young people fed up with catholic fundamentalist excesses. He also compared the demonstrations taking place these days during the pandemics to the famous 2016 “black protest.” Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski analyzed Romania’s ban on abortions in 1966 in comparison to Poland’s situation today. 
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Photo: A Polish woman protester confronts the police (source: Boyan Stanislavski)
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