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The far right in Poland has just given its political opponents a late Christmas present. It is well known that hypocrisy is most visible among radical conservatives. The majority of them, on the other hand, have learned to carefully conceal deviations from their own rules. Occasionally, however, circumstances make concealment impossible.
The Ordo Iuris (OI) organization is a group of lawyers who have come together to form a “community of values”; it bills itself as a Institute for Legal Culture. It became ‘famous’ for its ideas on equalizing the rights of fetuses with the rights of female patients or penalizing homosexual behavior. However, the latest project of the Institute was particularly loud in recent months – the prohibition of divorce. This concept, on the other hand, has aged poorly.
The Polish media recently broke the news that Ordo Iuris, a powerful NGO advocating far-right and insanely conservative ideas, had split. Tymoteusz Zych, the Institute’s vice president, and a dozen or so other coworkers left to form their own organization. Officially, the decision was made due to “differences in visions” and a lack of agreement with chairman Jerzy Kwaśniewski. However, some Polish media outlets dug a little deeper and discovered that this is merely a pretext. As it turned out, the case’s backstage was far more interesting.
Zych was supposed to say goodbye to Ordo Iuris in October of last year. The aforementioned “differences in worldview” were to take the form of an affair between the vice-president and Karolina Pawłowska, the former director of the International Law Centre (OI’s substructure), according to information gathered by some Polish media. He and she were both married. They both had children from their marriages. For a long time, the affair was said to be an insider secret within the ranks of Ordo Iuris; however, in September 2021, a violet outburst occurred.
Aside from the obvious hypocrisy and moral infantilism, the entire incident had to be wrapped in violence, as befits the luminaries of the extreme right.
“We had an unpleasant incident at Ordo Iuris last September. An enraged husband stormed into the office after learning of his wife’s affair. The men fought until they had to be separated by employees of the Institute” Salon24, a Polish news portal, reports on its sources.
Another person confirms the occurrence: “It did happen. The men fought until the employees of the Institute had to separate them.”
Some sources claim there was no actual fist fight, i.e. no blows were exchanged, but everyone agrees the woman’s husband attacked an OI member. According to other reports, he threw the other man off a chair and attempted to hit him. Witnesses to the assault intervened and separated the two men.
Karolina Pawłowska told Salon24.pl that her husband’s intrusion was caused by her informing him about her intention to separate from him and her desire to divorce, as well as her plans with another man.
Pawłowska eventually teamed up with Zych to form a new ultra-right-wing organization. According to reports, the two big brains who worked on the divorce ban until recently are now in the process of dissolving marital ties in court.
Dear conservatives, good luck with your monogamy this time!
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