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The ongoing protests in Poland are not merely a breath of fresh air. They have already made a significant imprint on the entire public sphere and thrown the ruling elites into panic and desperation; not only the Catholic fundamentalist government but the opposition too. “Let’s abolish the codgerstate” and “The filthy old codgers have to go” were among the most popular slogans over the last couple of days. You can imagine the old codgers in question didn’t take it well.
The right-wing hardliners from the ruling Law and Justice party are in dismay, same as the leadership of the Catholic Church in Poland. The episcopate spokesman warned that “participation or support of the protests in favor of killing unborn children is a grave sin.” Jarosław Kaczyński, our poor Eastern European copy of the Iranian Supreme Leader, called for “active defense of churches” from the “trained combatants” and “enemies of the Polish nation who wish to destroy it.” One of the more radical priests even went as far as to call for the death penalty for abortion. The educational minister announced “severe consequences” for teachers, rectors and deans who allowed students to freely participate in the movement and not punish them for not attending class.
However, the twisted and perverse thinking of the “filthy old codgers” was presented to its fullest extent by this minister’s main advisor, Paweł Skrzydlewski PhD.
“The protesters are not Poles. They don’t love Poland, they don’t know or understand it. They hate its foundations – God, honor and the fatherland itself. They reject Poland, they destroy and ridicule it. All they need is a severe punishment (…) Because impudent evil can only be overcome with good, i.e., a severe and crude punishment meted out with firmness.” “For punishment is benevolence as it restores health and order, it distracts evil-doers from evil and reduces guilt!” he added.
Well, thank you, mister! Now there can be no doubt that we are ruled by filthy old codgers. Violent, entitled, authoritarian, backward, stupid white men!
Your time is up!!!
Photo: Boyan Stanislawski
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