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This is a question asked by more and more people and, paradoxically, there is less and less reflection and, basically, no answer. Instead, those on the Left (and outside it as well) who are critical of the rapid degeneration of political culture on this side of the spectrum are either dismissed or hysterically attacked.
The Left today, particularly in the West or perhaps the so-called Global North, is widely split, inefficient and largely succumbed to liberalism and its fake democratic mythology. There seems to be a major systemic problem with accommodating disagreements which the popularity of the (anti)social media has taken to a whole new level, transforming it into a volcano of violent and obscene online emo-trips or tumults. Could this be ever contained? Is there another organizational model other than the authoritarian one or the free-for-all chaos?
What happens now that the Left is no longer associated with mass populist worker parties that call for a radical change in the social, political, economic and cultural reality but with some individualistic nuances unrelated to the notion of class? Has this even been a case before? Is there a historical pattern to the mistakes that we are obviously making now?
What are the roots of the Left’s sectarianism? Could, for once, the Left not be sectarian or opportunistic? Could it grow a backbone and display a new identity? Could it become inspirational for the masses as it once used to be? Could it rebuild its symbiotic link with the working class and grow roots there? Could it once again threaten the system?
We discussed this and more with Pat Byrne on our new series of podcasts called Divided we fall. Patrick is a longstanding, British Marxist and leftist educational speaker, an expert on the European Left’s history. Together with him, on a monthly basis, we shall make a critical evaluation of the Left since the 1850s by analyzing reasons for its historic successes, as well as some terrible strategic mistakes, that seem to bare fruit until today.
Watch the entire conversation on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to and like the video. This will help us make our analysis more popular, and more people will have the chance to get familiar with the political, social and economic problems in Eastern Europe.

Photo: The hammer and the sickle (source: Pixabay, CC0)
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