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This our thumbs up and thumbs down session with Your Smouter of 1+1:
01:40 Slovenian elections – Youri Smouter (interview with Malgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat about Slovenian elections)
05:10 Your Smouter on censhorship in the internet and financial worlds; indymedia are being cut off from PayPal, Pateron, and other grassroots funding mechanisms.
06:10 Maria Cernat discusses Romania’s intellectual and political bankruptcy in light of the current international situation.
09:10 Maria Cernat on social media censorship and manipulation mechanisms on platforms that promote authoritarian thinking
11:15 Maria Cernat on the perplexing concept of morality, which corporate media, social media, and Western politicians adhere to only when applied to a state, person, or government they like.
13:30 Maria Cernat on the Romanian left’s disarray, which went fully pro-war and decided to support NATO and the West, as well as acknowledge and endorse the general propaganda direction that it is now time for the ‘good West’ to take down the ‘bad wolf’ in the Kremlin.
20:10 Youri and Boyan discuss the new wave of genuine love for nuclear weapons among Western officials, as well as the possibility of using such weapons in a false flag operation.
23:10 Maria Cernat discusses the subtlety of certain Western propaganda in Ukraine, using two examples: one from a few years ago and a recent interview on Italian television.
27:55 Maria Cernat discusses an excellent article by Ukrainian academic Olena Lyubchenko on the situation in her home country. A truly exceptional piece!

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