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The diplomatic front of the war is discussed in the second part of the discussion with ex-US military man and scholar Mark Sleboda on the war in Ukraine. Some commentators argue that the Russians are implementing a strategy that Western politicians and even military personnel do not fully comprehend. Russians, for example, are mocked for suffering far more casualties than the US Army did in Iraq during the same time period. The Russian philosophy appears to be that they are willing to accept losses rather than bombing or shelling the cities, towns, or villages ahead of them to the ground to avoid casualties on their end. They are also conducting negotiations and making military advances at the same time. Again, something strange if viewed through Western eyes.
What do Russia and Ukraine hope to gain from the talks? Moscow has stated unequivocally that it will not compromise on the terms it has proposed, and Ukrainian authorities have stated unequivocally that they will not back down from those terms. What exactly is there to discuss? Are we witnessing a replay of the Syrian scenario?

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