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Bulgaria’s transition from state-controlled socialism to capitalism and ‘democracy’ began as a ridicule of democracy and later devolved into a mockery of dictatorship. The latter were the nearly 15 years of Boyko Borissov’s absolutist rule, a former personal guard and karate champion with a stellar criminal record. His regime could only exist because of the total support of Berlin and Washington, where the former helped him form a party and become a political figure known as “the face of Europe in Bulgaria,” while the latter gave him orders on what policies he should introduce and carry out. After 30 years of civilizational decline, unprecedented in Bulgarian history, the world is looking at Bulgaria, and public opinion is scratching its head, wondering what went wrong that three rounds of parliamentary elections must be held this year.
‘Political crisis,’ as the phrase goes, is supposed to explain everything. It, of course, does not. It’s a crisis, to be sure, but it’s one that’s been brewing for a generation. It’s not a new phenomenon, and it’s hardly a political one. It’s more a matter of issues with theft administration. The Bulgarian oligarchic cliques have less and less to share in terms of resources and territories. For the last three decades, they have stolen everything produced by the People’s Republic, as well as the much-touted ‘European funds,’ which have effectively become their pocket money. But even that money is becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, some reorganization is required, and the Americans would prefer to see a new and more appealing viceroy than Borissov, who has been plagued by corruption scandals. Then it’s a perfect storm. However, reaching an agreement is difficult. The oligarchy formed three new parties, but they are unable to come to an arrangement. As a result, the third elections will be held in mid-November. Is there any ray of hope? Will this straitjacket ever be undone, and will Bulgarian society be liberated from this decaying machine of destruction?

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