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Too early to say definitely, but one thing is absolutely certain: The class balance of forces in Romanian society have shifted. The last three decades were a time of a brutal ideological offensive of neoliberalism in Romania (and Eastern Europe in general). It has had a massive effect — large portions of the public opinion in that country, despite lacking any material incentive, preach or support extremist pro-business, libertarian policies. This is also the profile of the current government, led by the bankster Florin Cîțu.
Yet, there are limits to even the most efficient propagandistic festivals. It started with students a dozen weeks ago, who protested for economic reasons, instead, and departed from the West-orchestrated cyclical festival of anticorruption outrage. Moments later, the miners were on the move organizing wild-cat strikes and occupations, threatening with hunger strikes… and a few days ago the Bucharest subway workers paralyzed the capital of Romania for a day, refusing to drive the trains.
What’s going on in Romania and what are the 50 shades of ongoing working class protests? The Romanian leftist activist and journalist, Radu Stochiţa, explains it all, in detail, in a discussion with Boyan Stanislavski, the host of “On the barricades.”

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