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Facebook was recently engulfed in a major scandal related to the release of internal documents proving things we already knew: the algorithm makes highly emotional content go viral, it pays no attention to combating human trafficking, it is extremely detrimental for children and teenagers, and finally, the profit is the only thing that matters!
But this is not new nor specific for social media. So, what is indeed special about the latest revelations? We invited again to our show Patricia Gorky, member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, IT specialist, activist, and commentator to help us understand what is special about the latest revelations related to the informational capitalistic monopoly that is Facebook.
Is there hope beyond this sensational controversy to see the IT workers unite and protest against the very companies they work in? Is there hope for a future where social media platforms are not censored, but made transparent and accountable, where information becomes a public service and not a commodity to be exploited by billionaires?

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