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Brexit shows three wider phenomena about the contemporary world, argues The Other News’ founder Roberto Savio in a video which The Barricade was allowed to republish in its three languages. Brexit shows the crisis of democracy, the inability to reach consensus in a partisan political environment; when there is no longer dialogue, just yell. Brexit is also the result of the widening gap between cities and provinces, between elites and masses. Thirdly, it is based on a specific twist of the British parliamentary tradition that was built on unwritten rules and fair play, but seems unable to resist the rise of somebody such as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 
Roberto Savio contemplates all three of these phenomena and finally sees a nuance of difference between otherwise common processes in the United States and the United Kingdom. His conclusions are: The democratic tradition doesn’t disappear without a trace and the United Kingdom may fall apart as a result of the rise of a political leader who values Brexit more than dialogue and reconciliation. 
The whole video can be seen here:

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