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Right-wing intellectuals have dominated Romania for the past three decades. The largest protest following the 1989 Revolution was focused on anti-corruption. The intellectuals in Romania seldom protested for economic reasons. Their main concern was to eliminate “communism” or corruption. The rising inequality, the continuing deterioration of worker’s rights, the shutting down of schools or hospitals, the increase of the retirement age, and the privatization of public sectors were never on the mainstream intellectual’s agenda. But something seems to be changing! Last month, a group of young students banded under the name of The Union of the Militant Students in universities and in high school and protested against the budgetary cuts put forth by Florin Cîțu. Basically, the right-wing government sought to cut the subsidy that gave students the ability to travel for free, leading these young Romanian students to organize the “Cadger’s March”, using the term “cadger” as a reference to the right-wingers in Romania attempting to smear those who fight for economic rights. We are joined today by Andy Mureșan, a very young student and one of those who organized the protest! We seek to hear more about his involvement in left-wing movements and how he views the current state of progressive activism in Romania.
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