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This is the second instalment of this week’s “On the Barricades” release. This episode is part of our regular series, which we co-produce and co-host with Youri Smouter of 1+1. Maria, Boyan, and Youri discuss:

0:45 Another instance of liberal democracy not working in Eastern Europe: the falling apart of the government taking place in Bulgaria. ?

19:30 The Summit of the Americas in L.A. from June 6-10, in which thumbs up ?are due to AMLO (president of Mexico) for boycotting in support of banned Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua; and to Fernández (president of Argentina) for speaking against the US and privatization schemes of the IMF.

In Bolivia, the former president and Christian-supremacist Anez is sentenced to prison for her role in the 2019 coup. ?

Chilean President Borek, in a with coalition of leftists, seizes the opportunity of the Summit to condemn Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. ?

Find the first episode in this week’s show here:

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