This our thumbs up and thumbs down session with Youri Smouter of 1+1 (…)

01:00 Maria Cernat on the meeting in Kiev of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis with leaders Macron, Schultz, Dragi to negotiate a corridor for grain transit from Ukraine, through Romania. ? Iohannis’s leadership style– quiet and obedient– and his getting cut out of a photo and forgotten about by the Western press, which invites the ridicule of Romanian media. ?

12:12 Boyan on what would have happened if the Polish (or Hungarian) president had been cut out. It would be a gift for the nationalists in power to use the state-owned media to ramp up their propaganda against the Western bureaucrats.

18:15 Maria on the situation of the left in Romania. The utterly opportunistic Social Democrats govern with the National Liberal Party. A small pocket of urban leftists, and another of nostalgic Socialist Party supporters (who are the only ones against NATO) have little voice. ?

23:45 Boyan mentions a politically-confused BDSM-dove symbol output by the Polish left for Gay Pride.

25:05 Congrats to Kiev, Ukraine for becoming the most popular tourist destination for politicians! ? On the grain transit plan through Romania and the questionable grain shortage*, from Boyan. *Also written about here:…

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