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This article is the crowdfunding call of the Telciu Summer School, which is published at the platform ”We Are Here”. 
The Summer School brings to Telciu theoretical courses, educational art workshops for children and free theater plays and films. Help us keep the School alive!


The Telciu Summer School has reached the 3rd Edition. Besides the funding from our local partners, we are still 6.500€ short from being able to accomplish everything we have on our program in good conditions!
What do we need the money for: to pay part of our guests’ transportation (some have agreed to support us by paying for the transportation themselves), to pay the accommodation and meals for our guests and the fees of the invited artists. Donations can be made both in EURO, as well as RON, and there are no fees for the donors.

Mural painting workshop for children at the Telciu School with Lucia Mărneanu, 2017 edition (photo: Telciu Summer School)

Even if we manage to get the amount we are requesting your help with, please do not stop donating! The team behind the project has made peace with the possibility that this year will be doing voluntary work, but if we get more money, we would like to pay ourselves too.

Precarious work, the topic of the 2018 Edition

This years’ edition is focused on precarious work – a problem which affects us all, regardless if we come from the rural or the urban setting. The title of the Summer School is “Labor Dystopias and Redundant Humans: Slaveries, Serfdoms, Precariousness”. We have invited this year international professors and researchers, such as Daniela Gabor (West England Univ.) and Manuela Boatcă (Albert-Ludwigs Univ.), local and international artists from the fields of dramatic, performative and visual arts – for example, Tanja Ostoijc (Berlin, De), Mihaela Michailov (Bucharest, Ro) or Maria Brudașcă (Cluj-Napoca, Ro), as well as theoreticians and activists of work but not only, such as Margareta Matache, Victoria Stoiciu and Iulia Popovici.

Workshop for children, introduction in documentary film with Vlad Petry (photo: Telciu Summer School)

For the children in Telciu we are preparing a narrative drawing workshop (with Maria Brudașcă), a mural painting workshop (with Lucia Mărneanu), a workshop introducing them to documentary film making (with Vlad Petri) and an educational theater laboratory which will, for one month, focus on the topic of the local history of school and education (with Katia Pascariu și Mihaela Michailov). The theater plays which will be available to the public for free are: “School Era Memories” (dir. Radu Apostol), Țuhaus (dir. Claudiu Lorand Maxim), and “The Cluj Miracle” (dir. David Schwartz).
There will also be childrens’ films screenings, as well as documentaries and a Romanian shorts night. For more information about our complete program visit our website or find us on Facebook!
Did we convince you to support us? We hope so? If not, maybe the video will! 

What we’ve done until now

We are in the final phase of organizing this year’s edition, we have contacted and agreed with our guests on the details of their participation. Also, we have negociated with our local sponsors and partners the sums that they can support us with. We have received a few applications from participants already and look forward to receiving more.

What we need to do from here

We will soon finish the final programme for the Summer School. Also, we are still working on the logistics concerning the transport, accommodation and meals for our guests and team.

The team

Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World – we are an independent research center based in rural Transilvania.  Some of us are researchers in history,  economics, anthropology, sociology or international politics, while others are artists and activists. We love critical thinking and  believe it is essential for theoretical though to  be engaged with current social issues.

What can go wrong

We are determined and commited to have the Summer School happening this year too, even if it is underfunded. In case we do not gather enough money – altough we are confident that this will not be the case! – we will tighten our belts.
You can donate here!

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