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Romania is one of the countries that spends a lot of money on its security apparatus, and the costs of the military’s lethal toys are rising every year. There is a lot of talk about how the state must be strong, and its military and police must be well-equipped, so that citizens can feel safe in case you-know-who invades, which is unavoidable (according to the mainstream narratives, of course; not in reality). The fact is, however, that this is only cheap propaganda; the army, police, and secret services have no regard for civilians, and wartime strategies, some of which are public record, demonstrate beyond any doubt that what will be protected in the first place are critical infrastructure points, information centers, power plants, and the civilian population hardly makes it into the top ten of the priorities. So, if you believe the narrative that we must now make sacrifices to improve national security, you’re delusory. The Romanian army is not there for you, and in the event of war, it is there to serve the powers that be – Maria Cernat explains this in detail and provides numerous examples of how Romanian security institutions now cynically disregard citizens even in times of peace. Some of them are truly hair-raising.

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