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Mihnea Teodor Popescu is one of the most vocal members of a Romanian initiative seeking to oppose war and fight imperialism by denouncing both Russia and NATO. This initiative was formed by a group of undergraduate and graduate collegians–the Union of Militant Students–and it advances progressive ideas and values such as anti-imperialism and social justice.
The members of this organization recently attended a pro-Ukraine protest in Bucharest organized by Remus Cernea, a former MP, where they were met with violence simply because they held banners condemning Russia and NATO. Pro-NATO organizers demanded that police remove the group from the protest. It’s becoming harder and harder to oppose both Russia and NATO, especially in today’s ultra-tense environment with accusations of treason and collaboration with Russia so predominant in the public discourse. It’s the ultimate cancellation attempt!
Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski invited Mihnea Teodor Popescu to discuss this initiative and his role in it and also to talk about the incident at the pro-Ukraine protest. Join the conversation to find out more and also to learn about possible ways forward for actual pacifists!

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