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This is the second of six parts in which Boyan Stanislavski, one of the hosts of “On the Barricades,” sat down with Pat Byrne, a political analyst, longtime socialist activist, and historian of the European left, to discuss the war in Ukraine and the international situation in general. Pat and Boyan provide the historical context, beginning with the dissolution of the USSR, and explain the processes that were constantly building tensions that were taken to a whole new level by the events in Kiev in 2014, as well as analyze how the situation evolved after the ‘Euromaidan.’
They also discuss concepts such as “spreading democracy” and other similar ideas that have accompanied the West’s increasingly hostile attitude toward Russia (and other countries the governments of which they were not able to control). Aside from that, Pat and Boyan bring up many historical examples and analyze comparisons that are frequently made, such as the early 1960s Cuban missile crisis.

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