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As the world enters the sixth day of the Ukraine war, the hosts of “On the barricades” sit down to discuss the reactions in the mainstream media as well as the public, particularly the commentariat on (anti)social media. As if the war wasn’t already atrocious enough, the West is calling for more of it! There is widespread support for an all-out war with the Russian Federation. Any possibility of even a minimally rational debate is removed from the public sphere. There is only good versus evil, and only aggressive tribal emotions appear to be permitted at this time.
In the midst of this madness, Boyan Stanislavski and Maria Cernat are attempting to analyze the reactions, with a focus on Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Dr. Maria Cernat explains the mechanisms of the current warmongering agitation, using historical examples. As a result of pro-war propaganda, the general public develops completely irrational and dangerous sentiments. In such circumstances, what is the way forward? (That is, assuming there is any.) Maria Cernat also explains the most recent convoluted ideological (even philosophical) twists of some feminist currents, who suddenly began openly supporting what they used to criticize as ‘toxic masculinity’; it appears that anything is acceptable as long as it is directed against a consensual enemy.

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