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The more tensions increase in Ukraine, and the situation is amplified by increasingly erratic media narratives, the more difficult it gets to comprehend the entire scenario occurring in front of our eyes.
Despite this, many people are seeking to understand the issue and, at the very least, look beyond the mainstream media’s simplistic explanations of one side being bad and the other being good. We’re here to help with this, as well as anyone interested in acquiring a more nuanced view on the events and processes that have occurred since 2014, which would include, in addition to the public criticism, the Russian understanding of those events and processes.
So, if you want to go beyond the normal Russia-bashing and learn more about why Eastern Europe appears to be on the verge of war, you’ve come to the correct place! This time, the hosts of “On the Barricades” have invited a very important guest who will give you a professional and extensive analysis of the current situation as well as the procedures that led to today’s deadlock.
Mark Sleboda, an international security analyst, university researcher, and lecturer, is our guest on this episode of the show.

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