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It was predictable, but it was still disappointing. The western media began their usual campaign of support for anything that could be construed as anti-Russian. It was their usual agitation for those ‘fighting for their freedom,’ ‘democracy,’ and ‘human rights.’ The Russian media has also taken their usual stance: Provocation! CIA! CIA! They want to destabilize Russia!
While both of those narratives contain some truth, they are overly simplistic and ignore many important factors, such as the slew of contradictions in Kazakhstani politics and among its ruling elite. Until today, no major mainstream Western media outlet has provided a credible explanation for the events in Kazakhstan last week. It should also be noted that some of the media appear to have been taken aback by the dynamics of the protests, as well as the reaction of Russia and the CSTO. This is most likely true of many Western leaders too.
The hosts of “On the Barricades,” Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski, examine the media’s response to the turmoil in Kazakhstan, as well as the dominant narratives.

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