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The idea of being forced by the neo-Marxist European and US forces to be politically correct is haunting the minds of Eastern European politicians. Their public display of fears and anxieties generated by this Apocalyptic fear holds them hostage to the most hilarious scenarios possible – such as the one where you could become gay just by seeing gay people. This is something beyond compare. If the debate about the woke culture in Western universities has a point, in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, or Poland, where all truly progressive intellectuals represent only an incredibly tiny minority, the fear of these brave intellectual conservative warriors trying to defend their allegedly besieged fortress of “normality” looks a lot like… well, a mad house!
Maria Cernat, Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat, and Boyan Stanislavski debated the situation of conservative intellectuals in Romania and Poland that fear the “sexo-Marxist” demons, who are situated mainly in their deranged minds. The discussion comes at a time when not the alleged “sexo-Marxist agents” are aiming to destroy the spiritual well-being of the young Romanians and Poles, but when the Orthodox and Catholic churches are trying to take the taxpayers’ money to finance their own academic institutions and influence the public agenda.

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