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This day used to be an opportunity for the labor movement to show its strength, for its leaders to deliver populist speeches to large crowds, and for social-democratic politicians to engage in intense virtue signaling. Only the latter has survived, and it is in a rather artificial and unconvincing form.For the last two decades, the Left in general, particularly in Europe, has used May Day for sloganeering and various historical analyses.
Things have only recently begun to change slightly, particularly in Eastern Europe. There are more and more discussions on contemporary issues important to the Left, and there is finally some solid criticism of capitalism.
“The Barricade” joins this trend by featuring a conversation with Dr. Harriet Fraad. She is a New York-based American feminist activist, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist. She has been a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for nearly four decades and is considered one of the feminist movement’s founders, thanks in part to her founding of the Women’s Liberation Movement in 1968. She is also the founder of the journal “Rethinking Marxism,” and she focuses on the intersection of economics and psychology.
Harriet Fraad is also the host of the popular YouTube podcast “Capitalism Hits Home.”The hosts of the “On the Barricades” show, Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski, will discuss with their special guest the devastating effects of modern capitalism on people’s psychology.
This is a civilizational and global issue that affects all capitalist societies. Suicide rates and the sudden rise of what are commonly referred to as “diseases of despair,” such as depression or anxiety, are strongly linked to the increasingly toxic atmosphere created by the capitalist environment, in which there is no certainty, no stabilization, and no clear prospects for future development, let alone prosperity, of social groups and individuals.
This coincides with a massive ideological offensive against the natural human concepts of community and collectivism, in favor of individualism!The latter was accompanied by an explosion of a new industry in which self-appointed experts teach people how to be more effective and happier regardless of the circumstances around them by improving their pattern of thinking. This is not only a lie, but a logical aberration bordering on insanity.

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