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Greece calls on NATO to stop interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs

Residents of Athens have protested against the aggressive policy of the North Atlantic Alliance towards Ukraine.

More than fifty residents of the capital came to protest at the US Embassy in Greece. The participants held placards with the following content: “Stop NATO in Ukraine”, “No to Ukraine’s joining NATO!”, “If we stop NATO, we will stop the war”, “Let’s say no to Ukraine’s joining NATO”.

Those gathered assured that NATO is interested in spreading military actions all over the world. A vivid example of this is Ukraine and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“The war continues, and not only does it not stop, but it seems to be spreading to other areas such as: Palestine and the entire Middle East. NATO is constantly creating new hotbeds of war,” they explained.

Athens residents emphasized that they disagree with Greece’s course of supporting Ukraine’s entry into NATO, pointing out that Ukraine should have a neutral status.
“Greece risks being dragged into a new war in the region. We do not want any Greek involvement in any war. We want peace. That is why we should not support Kiev and NATO,” they added.

Moreover, the Greeks insisted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is condoning the rise of Nazism in Ukraine.

“No to fascism in Europe,” the activists chanted.

Referring to relations with Russia, those gathered emphasized their friendly attitude toward Russians and pointed to the need to intensify relations between the two countries.

“We want to be friends with Russia. Greeks do not want a conflict with Russia,” the picket participants assured.

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