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The famous pop artist published an Instagram post with a quote from the Chinese writer Mimi Zhu. It attracted a lot of attention because of a specific statement within it: “We will feed each other, we redistribute wealth, strike.” It also read: “Communion moves beyond the walls,” and contained an emoji with a red rose, a global symbol of the socialist movement. This post immediately went viral. One of Spears’ fans commented, calling her: “The queen of the proletariat.” The Democratic Socialists of America called her their “comrade.” Some right-wing media journalists have already started their usual red-baiting, and called her “a communist.”


Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie.


Communion goes beyond walls ???

Post udostępniony przez Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

This most likely exceeded the star’s expectations, especially since she does not seem to be particularly conscious of politics. Her earlier demonstrations cannot be considered leftist, not even smart, really. In 2016, she supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and in 2001 cheered for George W. Bush when he invaded Iraq on utterly false and fabricated allegations.
Of course, everybody is entitled to have a change of mind, and let us hope the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer has really had one.
This is certainly not out of question. The desperate plight of the American healthcare system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic should make pretty much anyone think, even celebrities.
Quite recently, the astonishing case of Danni Askini made the headlines. This American woman, who was infected with the coronavirus, received a bill for the horrendous amount of $35,000 after being released from the hospital.
Askini had no medical insurance, and she is no exception. According to various statistics, 25 to 40 million US citizens are not insured. And those who are insured cannot feel completely safe, as insurance companies, with the assistance of their lawyers, do their best to not pay for examinations, procedures or consultations. This incident sparked another wave of discussion about the need for the introduction of a universal health-care system, which Americans are currently deprived of.
It is said that Vladimir Lenin, the legendary leader of the Russian Revolution, once commented on his collaboration and friendship with Lev Trotsky (another top figure of 1917), with whom he had been in a pretty hostile relationship within the Bolshevik party at the beginning, saying: “He is a supporter I never expected, but surely one I need.”
There are no signs of Britney Spears becoming a revolutionary leader, but who knows? First Pamela Anderson, now Britney Spears, who will be next?

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