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The newest episode of The Barricade’s podcast deals with the most recent abuses in Romania and Poland.
Is Eastern Europe plagued by ignorance to the essence of human sexuality or suffering from a deliberate effort to marginalize some of the most vulnerable people and communities for short-term political gains? Romania and Poland are just two examples of Eastern European countries which act dubiously on topics that relate to gender and sexuality issues.
The Barricade has published quite a number of videos and articles on the conservative assault against values like tolerance and understanding for the marginalized. These values are supposed to be ‘common sense’ in the Western World, but increasingly in the age of Donald Trump, are treated as despicable in the eastern part of the EU. On their latest podcast episode, Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski present the most recent development in these social trends. In Romania, a necessary and valuable legislative proposal that would have protected underage minors from sex-related crimes was thwarted in the last moment. The Romanian government has already done harm to sexual education and gender studies in schools and universities. In Poland, the LGBT community has become officially persecuted with the arrest of activists and making accusations that could put some of them in jail over the protests and their resistance to the ruling conservative party’s domination over every aspect of social life and anti-LGBT discourse.
Here’s the complete video:

Here’s the part where Boyan Stanislavski speaks about the persecution of LGBT activists in Poland:

Here is a special comment, recorded by Boyan Stanislavski:

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