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Welcome to the Barricades! Join us for this special edition of our show, where we discuss an exceptional and yet extremely ridiculous event that recently took place in Romania. On December 13, Romania set a new record for violent politicians acting insanely. Lucia Gorraci, an Italian journalist, wanted to interview Romanian MP, Diana Șoșoacă, about the vaccination campaign.
They began the interview, but Diana Șoșoacă interrupted the discussion and told them they were not who they claimed to be, and she asked them to leave her office. Șoșoacă obstructed the journalists’ exit by positioning herself in the doorway, seconds after they attempted to leave. Lucia Gorraci was able to escape, but Diana Șoșoacă locked the door of her office, preventing the rest of Gorraci’s crew from leaving. Diana Șoșoacă began filming and dialed 112, the Romanian emergency number, claiming that people in her office were harassing her. The police arrived minutes after the call was placed. Lucia Gorraci met with the police officers and attempted to explain why her crew was imprisoned in Șoșoacă‘s office. When Gorraci returned with the police officers, Silvestru Șoșoacă, Diana Șoșoacă’s husband, grabbed the Italian journalist’s hand, punched her, and bit her hand!
But wait, there’s more! The police officers took the journalists to the station, searched them, and detained them for several hours. They were only released from police custody after the Italian embassy intervened.
What is even more troubling is that important mainstream Romanian media amplified the narrative that Diana Șoșoacă was actually a victim. The Russian state media platform, Sputnik, ran stories presenting senator Șoșoacă as a victim of Western imperialism! Such blatant lies have started to gain traction in Romanian society.

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