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Noam Chomsky needs no introduction. He is one of the leading figures in activism and insightful analysis of US politics. Last week for the first time for the Romanian public, he gave an interview with Paul Gabriel Sandu, a Romanian academic and activist. Gabriel Sandu translated Chomsky’s latest book “How the world works” and was able to have a very interesting conversation with Noam Chomsky about US politics. Chomsky is anything but a coward and yet he felt the need to warn the public about the specific danger President Trump presents. Interestingly enough, Chomsky does not agree with the idea that Trump is a fascist. Fascism, he says, was a serious ideology. Trump is a tin-pot dictator worthy of a third world country. Calling him a fascist might actually compliment him, since he is not even capable of understanding fascism. Another key point of the interview is related to the exceptionality of his incompetence and sociopathic behavior. Chomsky cites the example of Nixon who could have contested the result of the elections, but despite all his selfishness, he didn’t go that far. Neither did Al Gore.
This is not the case with Donald Trump. During the interview, Chomsky warned about something very new and dangerous and never previously seen at this scale in US politics: The president and the Republicans are openly speaking about using every possible strategy, any possible weakness of the system to hold onto power. Trump is openly discussing challenging the results of the elections.
Chomsky offered the Romanian public a very interesting perspective on the reasons for Trump and the Republican Party’s strategy. He claims that the electoral base of this party is made up of white Neo-Protestant (mostly evangelical) males. It has no room for growth. If they lose power now, that could potentially mean the end of the party. This partly explains the apocalyptic tone of the Republicans’ campaign. They claim that the country will be handed over to the far left and to China! This fear-mongering and absolutely insane conspiracy theories that accompany it are the result of this panic over forever losing power.The interview touches on many aspects of US politics. Its livestream gathered more than 400 viewers, making it one of the most important events for the left circles in Romania.
Photo: The cover of the event in Facebook (source: Facebook)

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