Gorbachev turned 90

Mikhail Gorbachev’s dreams, hopes and difficulties revealed by Andrey Grachev in an interview on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the last President of the Soviet Union.Cecilia CapannaExecutive Director at The Other News (http://other-news.info). Press Agent at Motorsport Technical School (http://mtschool.it). Jazz musician.

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The West — Lukashenko’s unrequited love

“These protests will not succeed. These oppositional leaders in Ukraine are waiting for their time” Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat, a Polish left-wing journalist and an expert on Eastern Europe, claimed in a special interview for The Barricade.Vladimir MitevVladimir Mitev is a Bulgarian-Romanian journalist based in Rousse, a town on the very border between

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