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The most recent decision of the Latvian authorities to ban all Russian media on the territory and the promise to sanction individuals enjoying ‘unsanctioned media,’ along with the fact that the international media was rather uncritical about it, is yet another proof that we live in a state of full-blown paranoia. The detachment from reason and other core values of the Enlightenment is getting more and more intense every day. The Russians have become the new politically correct scapegoat that everybody is encouraged to aggressively insult; they are excluded from the scope of all liberal mantras: anti-xenophobia, anti-racism, and so on. The more isolation, discriminatory, and offensive talk against Moscow, Kremlin, Putin, ‘Russian propaganda,’ ‘Russian disinformation,’ and whatever else you care to mention, the better!
The West, with the USA as its political leader, is of course cultivating this pathological culture for geopolitical benefits because Washington cannot tolerate any other situation than America’s global full-spectrum dominance. However, it is getting truly grotesque to see governments of countries such as Poland or Bulgaria, or the Baltic states for that matter, ardently succumbing to this culture. It is more than clear to any thoughtful person that it makes sense for those countries to have good and not hostile relations with Russia, which is their historical and geographical neighbor, as well as the world’s superpower. Yet, this is not the case. The authorities of the states of the former Soviet Union or Eastern Bloc seem to be most aggressive in their anti-Russian stance. This creates a situation in which everybody loses, but those who have willingly become a transmission belt of American Imperialism certainly get the toughest kicks. Have a look at Ukraine.
All his and more were our topics of discussion on 21 February 2021 in the edition of our weekly live show On The Barricades. Our special guest was Stanislav Byshok, a Russian political analyst for CIS-EMO and People’s Diplomacy, organizations that monitor the development of democracy in the ex-Soviet region.
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