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The Barricade’s Boyan Stanislavski made an intreview with Jana Tsoneva – one of the leading commentors on the Bulgarian protests in the international press. Jana Tsoneva belongs to the left-wing organisation Collective for Social Interventions. In the interview she discussed about the causes of the protests and about what could follow now. Also, the issue of international interests in these protests, especially the statements of the American embassy was discussed.
Jana sees hope in a radically new, and probably even unthinkable formula of a future government – the right-wing anti-corruption coalition “Democratic Bulgaria” (whose member “Yes, Bulgaria” has a very important role in these protests) and the socialists, who have been in opposition for years. In any case they are currently protesting together on the square next to the council of ministers in Sofia.
Jana is convinced that the corruption and cynicism of present government are unbearable. Tens of thousands of people who are out on the streets of the big cities in Bulgaria share the same disgust:

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