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The Commission for Equal Opportunities in the Romanian Parliament will be led by the golden representatives of AUR!
On December 6, Romanians elected their parliamentary representatives. The big surprise was the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, a party that managed to win almost 9% of the votes. An extreme-right group that formed in 2020 and did not get the mainstream press’s attention, is now in parliament. This party is a combination of church-goers, football supporters, and military personnel. They are anti-mask, anti-vax conspiracy theorists with strong views regarding women, the LGBT community, and the Roma population.
One of their leaders, Sorin Lavric, published a book in 2019, in which he stated that “No man searches for in a woman the intelligence, the depth of the spirit, or the reason. Those who want philosophy would not find it in a woman’s head, but they would get the chance to be immersed in the athanor of the labia.” He was later invited by Alexandra Tănăsescu, a Romanian journalist, to explain his views, and he continued exactly in the same manner: “Philosophy is the prerogative of men, not of women. In general, (…) the great ideas were written by philosophers, not women.”
Then, Mr. Sorin Lavric continued with blatant racist remarks regarding the Roma population. At some point, he said that “the gypsies are a social plague,” and now, when he was asked to explain, he continued along the same lines: “What I am stating is the Polichinelle’s secret. I mean, we all know it. The inclination of this ethnic group (the Roma population) toward crime is known and statistically proven.”
These are the wise Romanian MPs who are going to lead the Commission for Equal Opportunities! I guess they’ll only consider the equal opportunities between men and men because it is crystal clear they hold very strong positions regarding the inferiority of women and minorities. Just imagine the following scenario: a woman in the Faculty of Philosophy is being discriminated against. She will be forced to reach out to her elected representatives in the Commission of Equal Opportunities, where she will find Mr. Lavric, a man who will definitely “listen” to her! So welcome to Romania, a place where if your discriminated against, you’ll have to complain to one of the most racist and misogynist politicians ever!
Photo source: Maria Cernat
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